Local Elementary School Students Share Election Insights

Election Coverage from Area kids in Bedford, NY
Local Elementary School Students Share Election Insights
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It’s getting very close and area kids are decidedly not among the undecided. “Hillary Clinton is running against “wrong” Donald Trump,” jibed Jocelyn.  But they don’t see it in all rights - just like the rest of us.

Isabelle understands double-speak like the most seasoned among us. “She does a lot of talking,” says the fifth grader. “Yada Yada Yada, I promise to do this, and that and she doesn’t always make a difference.”

Of course, her insights aren’t any reason to believe she is lacking in her support of Secretary Clinton.  “She’s not planning on raising taxes for the poor and lowering

them on the rich,” says Isabelle.

The lesser of two isn’t really in her lexicon either. She is very concerned about the many unsettling things Donald Trump has said and fears immigration policy will literally send some of her hispanic friends up a the wall. 

Jackson, on the other hand, views the proposal with a little more nuance. “A wall will help keep our country safe and let people enter in a way that is more safe for them,” says the third grader.

However, Jackson is no stranger to a little wonk when needed. “We’ve already have seen Hillary Clinton as a senator and all that so she already knows a lot about politics,” he assures.

On the economy, Jackson also gives Trump his due. “He knows about business, so he can help other businesses stay a thing,” says Jackson.

That said, Jackson still isn’t ready to cast his lot. “It will be a hard choice,” he declared.

Sam sounds similarly divided. “Hillary Clinton stole like a thousand dollars and Donald Trump kicked a girl or something,” he recalled.

But he has no problem delineating among the lesser. “He never listens to anyone,” Sam threw his support.

Trump’s hat in the ring nonetheless, Jenna has picked it up to show her support.  “I have his hat,” she says.  “I’m friends with Bill O’Reilly’s daughter. Georgia met him, gave her a hat and she gave it to me.”

Maybe a little superficial for such an important choice but Jenna understands what most kids don’t when it comes to their choice.  “My parents like Donald Trump. That’s why I support him,” she freely admitted. 

Jenna also did’t get bogged down in the whole boy-girl dynamic.

“It doesn’t really matter if it’s a man or a woman running,” she said. “We just need to choose the best one.”

Still, it’s almost unavoidable to consider the possibilities since we finally have a choice. “We’re smart, beautiful, confident, loud - well I’m loud,” Isabelle digressed. And before going full tongue and check, “full of sugar and spice and everything nice.” 

Puppy dog tails, Jayden stood ready to counter.  “Boy are strong and take risks, which could make our country safer,” said the fourth grader. 

44 men so far, Joe thinks its time. “We should take the chance because we’ve only had boys for president,” he reasoned. 

He used biology to make his case.  “Girls mature faster than boys,” he asserted.

But Joe was simply timing the beat. “I think Donald Trump is still maturing,” he didn’t hold back.

He then changed course by staying positive. “She’s fair, respects people and never stops trying,” said the fifth grader.

Once again ahead of the curve, he took a cue from the adults and exercised a little savvy to conclude his case. “Those are Donald Trump’s words, he was definitely paying attention to the debate.” 

Hopefully, the rest of us can say the same.

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