My Vote Goes To Hillary Clinton

A clear choice is there for all of us to see in November Election
My Vote goes to Hillary Clinton
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Very nearby, I heard the assertion that people voting for Hillary Clinton have no answer for their choice.  That is not the case for me. But if it bleeds it leads, so let me start with Donald Trump.

On the upside, Trump does present someone who will jump across party lines to solve problems with far greater ease than a traditional office holder.  He also holds a clear advantage over Clinton as a speaker who can motivate and move from the bully pulpit. This is not something to overlook in either regard.

On the other hand, I seriously question his ability to

hear the word no and push on. His only experience in the face of tough dealmaking is within the framework of the business world, where negotiation follows the logic of the bottom line. Politics adheres to no such sensibility and requires nuance on multifaceted levels.

And let’s cut to Hitler but not on the more reactionary comments that enough people unfairly assert.  As Hitler was rising to power in the 20s and 30s, his racial politics obviously appealed but most people were concerned with jobs and survival.  

The Fuhrer’s response to this core issue, according to Hitler and Stalin by Alan Bullock, was cultivating “The Hitler Myth.”  The up and coming dictator really made bones by talking about how great he was.  Does that sound familiar? It should. Trump doesn’t offer a lot of ideas in my estimation - just how great things will be. 

Of course, when he does provide details they are aimed at our anger with little regard for reality. Deporting 10 million illegals feels good to his constituency and makes perfect legal sense, but has anyone figured the astronomical cost involved. Not to mention logistics that will assuredly lead to massive human rights offenses and not a small number of fatalities.

The same goes for his position on NATO.  He’s boldly stated that a lack of payment might mean abandonment in the wake of an attack.  Technically he’s correct, and withholding services feels pretty good in regard to the load we carry, but this is the way a child or someone with a complete lack of political experience postures.  That’s not even taking into account the irresponsibility of such a statement and the impact on the alliance.

I'm not even going to

address the embarassment of his his highly questionable statement so Hillary you’re up.  A lot in the wake of corruption, dishonesty and flat out greed follow the Clinton’s relentlessly.  Of course, there’s never been an indictment. Still, I’m in agreement of what we all know about smoke and fire.

However, the same scrutiny must be attached to her accusers in order to draw reasonable conclusions.  We know full well that a fair amount of smoke gets blown in lieu of ample fire.

At the same, I’m not all that enamored with the prospect of having to look and listen to her for the next four years.  She would do well to learn from Bernie Sander. He talks politics and doesn’t try to be a celebrity or a personality.

Her attempts to connect are blatantly uncomfortable and come off as grossly disingenuous.  Can you please stop.

A minor point but in the win column, the Clintons have overwhelming advantage on how the political machine works.  Trump’s supporters believe that to be a liability. I suggest any of the four books by Robert Caro on LBJ. 

Upon entering the Senate in 1948, Johnson spent 12 hours a day observing the machinations from the spectator seats from above.  By the time he took the Vice Presidency, he virtually owned the body. He simply knew it inside and out.

His crowning achievement occurred On July 2, 1964 with the signing of the Civil Rights Act.  JFK, on the other hand, accomplished nothing on the heals of all his inspiration rhetoric.  It took a person who knew how to get things done not someone who seems like he can get things done.

And in our world, the closest we have to that type of political acumen is in Hillary Clinton.  She has my vote.

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