Trump As President Intrigues Me But Then It Always Happens

There are definitely things to consider of a Trump Presidency. He is beholden to no one and has New York value such as believing in science and the separation of church and state. But one things always dashes such hopes.
Trump as President Intrigues Me but then It Always Happens
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Donald Trump on the world stage telling Vladimir Putin that he is fired terrifies me.  On the other hand, the mogul’s possible ascension to the presidency is an idea that I find truly compelling.

A New Yorker and not an idiot, he knows global climate change is an issue that needs to be addressed.  A builder who knows that buildings don’t go up without science and math is needed to tally his billions, the same applies to accepting data that clearly shows something more than just the temperature is up.

His worldview likely more inclusive as his business dealings have him traversing

the globe, he’s probably not boxed into the racist outrage that irrationally drives the immigration debate among the Republican constituency.  Yes, there probably is a direct relationship to jobs taken away from American citizens by illegal immigrants, but an obstinacy that demands a completely unworkable mass removal is explained how?

So once he’s done blathering about building a wall in order to placate those less cosmopolitan than him, his business background hopefully seeks a pragmatic solution based on sound economics rather than irrationality. (Imagine the cost over decades of deporting 12 million people when you could offer a path to citizenship for free)

Next, a New Yorker again and not a gun nut, he certainly understands that the NRA overreaches, and their unyielding nature stifles any possibility for common ground. But he probably couldn’t make a difference anyway since no one else ever has.

Moving on, not a politician, he might be less hesitant to cross

party lines and “deal make.” This especially because, what party is he exactly in.

A more abrasive type of New England Liberal, he’s still not a religious fanatic and knows the world isn’t 6000 years old. This means he won’t lead idiotic fights over gay marriage and birth control the way a Ted Cruz would.

Not beholden to anyone, once he acknowledges Obamacare is here to stay (unless a filibuster free senate follows), the next big move on healthcare might be his.  No one needs to be Trump or a billionaire businessman to know that allowing us to buy insurance across state lines will increase competition and lower prices. Let the insurance companies suck on that.   

Such prospects extend to the oil companies, drug companies and Bankers. I even heard, but I cannot confirm, that Wall Street is spending millions to defeat him.  Who knew we could have so much in common, and oh the prospect of the one percent facing jail when they break the law – just like the rest of us.

You know, this is kind of exciting. But for as much as the notion of Trump Presidency intrigues me, something unavoidable always happens… I hear him speak.


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  • vks1000  15-09-2016
    Trump can always become the President of US, if he gets more votes tan Hillary. Nothing abnormal will happen because all such things have happened in the past. So duplication can take place. Trump or no Trump world is always in some or the other mess most of te time.
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