Trump Video Gives Us All Reason To Despair

For Democrats, Trump Video doesn’t reveal real flaws in relation to woman and isn’t entirely something to celebrate
Trump Video gives us all Reason to Despair
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Donald Trump, couldn’t happen to a nicer guy - especially since he poses such a danger on so many levels.  On the other hand, I find the current release of the Billy Bush video pretty disturbing. Believe it or not, in certain respects I’m coming down on the side of Trump, while far more troubling insights exist in relation to women and truly hinder his ability to lead.

Let’s start with the video.  If you haven’t noticed, this is how guys talk.  Find me one that doesn’t and I’ll introduce him to my sister. I must admit, though, that saying he

would grab a woman by the pussy is one I’ve never heard and is pretty unsettling.

At them same time, I’ve ever been privy to women sitting amongst themselves and teeing off on men. Not only do I suspect that this would be pretty unsettling, but women have told me that the female of the species far worse than us.  

But no matter how you slice it, hearing a presidential candidate lay it out like it is has a shock value that must effect the polls. This is where I almost feel despondent, (while still reveling in the relief of dodging this Donald Trump bullet).

Whether it’s a Ross Perot, Herman Caine or Donald Trump coming from the outside as a populist - you just know it’s coming.  I include among these Howard Dean.  A Democrat outside the mainstream, his own party simply found a way, and that was that.

It’s depressing because these issues reveal flaws that are not only prevalent among us all, but offer no reflection as to the ability to lead.  Of course, for all the liberals ready to jump down my throat, it will soon be someone on our team that succumbs, and we will not be happy.  

Sorry, change is never coming.  I despair.

But Donald Trump - if you will - doesn’t get off that easy.  If I was a leader doing business with President Trump, and wanted to gain an advantage, I’d send a women. 

He exhibits an irrationality of the

fairer sex that has nothing to do with the adolescence that we as men never really leave behind.  The defect showed itself in his bizarre behavior in regards to Gold Star Mother Ghazala Khan and former Miss Universe Alicia Machado.

Donald Trump was attacked by Khizr Khan at the Democratic National Convention, and Trump had ever right to defend himself.  In fact as he made his case, the candidate was measured and respectful in treading such precarious waters.

Very presidential in my opinion, but then for some reason, Trump saw fit to attack the mother. 

Doubting that this was just another case of exciting his base, I speculate that a mere women standing defiantly on a national stage was too demeaning for him to endure.  Or not but what compelled him to go in this direction once he had answered his critic in a way that befitted a leader.  

I think we saw the same thing with Miss Machado - even though in the moment he may have been taken aback on the huge stage the debate represented.  But once again, why was he bringing it up the next day when the exchange would have died among more important discourse.

Twitter at 3Am is even worse.  He has some sort of blind spot here and it speaks much louder to me than boys being boys - even if they are 70. 

Maybe this is a minor point but don’t think people like Vladimir Putin have overlooked this and have plenty of mystique lined up to get under Donald Trump’s skin.

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