Pro-choice. Pro-life. How About, Pro-i Don’t Know

Abortion is a conundrum that I cannot figure out
Pro-Choice. Pro-Life. How about, Pro-I Don’t Know
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Ok, I’m going to do it. Write about abortion and I’ll probably never have another date again. But I can’t get one anyway so what do I have to lose.  Still, it should not be implied that I am pro-life.  Thank you, I have my own designation.

I am decidedly, pro-I’m not sure what the hell the right answer is.  I also don’t like the vocal pro-abortion, anti-abortion players that hash this out so definitively. (Sorry, I don’t go for this pro-life, pro-choice bullshit either.)

Let’s start with the pro-abortion people.  The first time I heard a classmate say, “It’s my body,”

I immediately had a thought.  “No, it’s the baby’s body.”

The way a Rachel Maddow, for instance, puts access on the same level as obtaining a driver’s license, rubs me the wrong way.  Again, it’s so definitive.  I don’t get it. There’s a baby in there. How does the mind set flow so effortlessly, while warranting no real consideration of the legality of ending this internal life.

Maybe because it’s not my body.  I obviously can’t obtain that frame of reference, and as such, men probably should be excluded from the decision making process. But it doesn’t mean I don’t get an opinion - especially since there’s been 54 million abortions since 1973. That’s obscene. 

The sobering statistic doesn’t sound like a pro-choice argument - even as a choice probably needs to exist. And I don’t need to document all of the scenario’s that pragmatically qualify.

But in my ideal world, I offer the choice that should rise above the others - adoption.  Of course, as the guy, with absolutely no burden to carry, it’s easy for me to say.

On the other hand, are inconvenience, embarrassment, etc enough to choose otherwise.  By the way, I’m sure I’m missing plenty here - like a family who will disown you or real problems with job status. But these would fall under the umbrella of pragmatic. 

I also have a quasi-religious reason for my doubt - despite thinking you die and that’s about it.

This might be an unlikely scenario, but here it is.  I impregnate a woman who - like me - sees no future together. And for some reason, can’t decide, so she leaves to me. Me, being the selfish male that I am, decides that abortion is the easiest out

I’m sorry but in case there is a heaven with an entrance exam, I don’t want that on my resume.  That was a life, and I ended it. We call that murder where I come from.

But according to religious conservatives, who I abhor, that’s obviously not true.  Huh? Let me explain.

I was shocked when Donald Trump was discussing the issue prior to the election, and said, women would be subject to prosecution if abortion became illegal.  Obviously, the left went crazy, but so did the right.  

The more politically astute thought it was obvious that only the doctor would

be punished. Excuse me?

If abortion was made illegal, and you are pro-abortion, why wouldn't the person initiating the crime be subject to the law.  

Thus my interpretation is this: Pro-abortion people see don’t see this as a crime, they see it a sin. I’m sorry but that is a huge distinction.  

At the same time, a sin that does not rise to the level of murder, and their own actions verify my reasoning. Let me explain again.  

So you’re telling me if 1.5 million babies were being slaughtered every year, all you would do is join a political party and whine about it on TV.  You and any decent human being would be lying down in the streets and disrupting all forms of every day life.  Actually if you had any decency, you’d be setting yourself on fire like a Buddhist monk.

Decency doesn’t even get a hearing in refusing to join forces with the other side to reduce the number of abortions.  The lower number would diminish the urgency of the overall goal. No abortions, so you’re perfectly willing to sacrifice the annual rate for what you believe is the greater good.

The ends justify the means. We call that terrorism. That’s really obscene.

So why don’t you just acknowledge to yourselves that this a complex human conundrum, and maybe we would no longer be stuck with the assembly line abortion system that is currently in place. 

Yeah I know, they are pretty hard to listen to, but so are you.

I guess we’re back where we started, and I’ve solved nothing.  But at least you know what I think - even if I don’t know myself

Note : I’m know, I didn’t mention birth control. I’ll just say, If you don’t believe in that, you’re just stupid.

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  • iggy  27-11-2017
    I am pro life and as a Christian I am supposed to be, I have my own beliefs on this subject and they sort of alien with Christian teachings. Personally I would not take part in or condone an abortion, if a person wants to get one they should be allowed but have it be paid for by the person. I do not want any of my tax dollars funding the taking of a life. Therefore, the person getting the abortion is fully responsible as they were in getting pregnant. They will have to answer to God for the sin and I don't want any part of it on my shoulders. Holding the doctor accountable and calling it a crime is something the doctor will have to answer for.
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  • anusha  09-11-2017
    I agree with you. There is no right answer because each individual's situation is different. But there are a few situations which actually make me consider the pro-choice side of the fence. I would never want a mother to die because she could not abort when the doctor said the pregnancy is threatening her life. I would not want a court to rule against the abortion for a 10-year-old child who was sexually abused and impregnated by a monster in human skin. Yeah, all this has really happened. Unfortunately, such few 'rare' (or rarely reported) cases are as important as the black and white statistics you mentioned. Actually, that's what pro-choice is supposed to mean. Making the difficult choice of ending a growing life if it's just not humanly possible for the 'could be a mother' to carry on. It does not mean not using birth control, being careless with human life and then end it. But both sides want to twist the meanings to support their own point of view. Why is that a choice, I wonder?
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  • goldstay  08-11-2017
    My stand is that I am against with it but this will be reserved for my own article to write. Anyway, it's okay to be "pro-I don't" know but isn't it great if you have something to take side on so you will establish a principle for your life so people will respect you more?
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    • richmonetti  08-11-2017
      I don't think so :) This issue has no right answer in my opinion. Thx for reading and the thoughtful comment
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